DeSoto Trail Elementary School Addition

Tallahassee, FL

Project overview: DeSoto Trail, built in 1989 and in need of updates, has been over capacity for years and classes have spilled into portables on the school property. Currently, the media center doubles as the computer lab and a meeting place for talented and gifted classes. The construction project includes a music and art room and four classrooms. In addition to the wing, DeSoto Trail’s kitchen and cafeteria are being expanded to include new appliances, serving lines and hurricane-proof windows.

From Tallahassee Reports:
DeSoto Trail Elementary School
This project was approved on May 26, 2015 and the classroom part of the construction is scheduled to be completed on time in August 2016. TR was told the work on the cafeteria would take a few extra days to complete. The project includes eight classrooms, which will replace some portables, and a music and art room. The DeSoto Trail cafeteria will also be expanded and will get new windows and appliances. The project is budgeted to cost approximately $6.5 million.