Capitol Memorial Park

Tallahassee, FL

The scope of this project includes evaluating and repairing portions of the existing underground House and Senate parking garages at the State Capitol, as well as designing new plaza elements to be constructed above ground.
The existing parking garages are two and three stories underground with several feet of overburden for plantings. The reinforced concrete structures were damaged from overgrown tree roots, corrosion and other deterioration. Kever McKee Engineering (KME) researched and prepared performance specifications for an environmentally silent piling system to excavate the structures with minimal disturbance to downtown activities.

The existing garage roof structure was evaluated to confirm adequate capacity to support multiple feet of soil, concrete, and new plaza features. KME designed and specified carbon fiber and near surface steel reinforcement to retrofit and rehabilitate portions of the roof structure to support the intended loads.

Equipment required during construction generated excessive loads on the existing structure, requiring KME to evaluate the capacity of the existing structural components and to design temporary shoring to support material staging and construction equipment.

The project also included the design of new plaza elements. A new structural topping system was designed to overlay the existing corrugated roof and to support a new waterproofing system. New concrete walls were doweled into the existing structure to support new monument features. KME also designed new concrete sign walls, wood trellises, concrete benches, and concrete planter walls on the plaza level. The existing CMU stairs enclosure was modified to increase the square footage with new concrete walls.